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                                       THE MUSICIAN

                            * About Oliver C. Brown - Bio            

                            * A Musical Journey - Virtual Tour     

                            * Oliver in Action - Live Solo




                                WHERE TO FIND HIM

                            * Performances                                         

                            * Contact Oliver C. Brown                                                

                            * Booking Info                  



* Oliver's WIKIPEDIA page!




* The 5th Musical Phenomena

* Gender and Race Relations




* Family, Friends & More


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A Musical Journey

Take a virtual tour of the incredible life of Oliver C. Brown.    


Click HERE to proceed.

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Oliver in Action

Highlights of Oliver's live performances.


Click HERE to see videos!


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Two Bands In ONE!

The NEW Gravity 180 SIZZLE REEL has just arrived!  


CHECK IT OUT by clicking HERE!



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Gravity 180

Learn more about the band.


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Family, friends & More

Enjoy a photogallery that is always growing. 


Click HERE to enter the photogallery.

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Oliver is on WIKIPEDIA!

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Feature Documentary

Watch Oliver's interview segment from the award-winning documentary film by filmmaker Len Rosen titled, "Gravity 180".


Click HERE to watch the film segment.

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 Oliver's Thoughts

Extremely sincere and very informative. 

Please click on one of the articles below:

About Oliver C. Brown

Who is Oliver C. Brown?  Click on the coonga drum below to find out.

Would you like to see Oliver perform live?

Please click on the button below to see where Oliver will be performing next.  The schedule is updated frequently, so please check back often.

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It's nice to be important, but it's FAR more important to be nice.

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In Jesus' love,

~Oliver C. Brown

Booking Information

For information on booking Oliver, please click on the button below.

Buy Oliver's Music!

Gravity 180, Nils and more of Oliver's music are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon!  Click button below for more details!

Contact Oliver C. Brown

Please click on the button below for information on how to contact Oliver C. Brown.