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Dear  Music Connoisseurs,


All of my career, I have been intrigued by phenomenons in music and why they happen. First, you must understand that phenomenons in music are not necessarily better or more creative than their counter parts but they are products of perfect timing. Therefore, I would like to inform you that in my opinion there have only been four phenomenons thus far in popular music. Please allow me to explain who they are and why they happened:


The First Phenomena - Frank Sinatra

He happened during the transition from big bands to smaller combos and he also had a great deal of sex appeal, a fabulous voice and a unique ability for phrasing his lyrics. He captivated not only the "bobby- sockers" but their parents who supported them.



The Second  Phenomena - Elvis Presley


He happened during the natural order of the evolution of race relations. Whites were becoming ever more intrigued by black music but were not yet ready to allow a black person to become the most popular force in popular music. In fact, in his beginnings, it was often said, he was singing that "race" music for his music was inspired by black music with white influences. He also had tremendous stage presence with rhythm and sex appeal in both his vocals and his body movements. As white people were becoming bored with Elvis "wanabees" like Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon, Fabien and many others, along came four young men out of England heavily influenced by black music who became:



The Third Phenomena - The Beatles

When on the Ed Sullivan show, Ed asked them what was their greatest musical influences, the Beatles said, Little Richard, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry. Ed Sullivan paused, blushed and moved on to the next question. Now, the Beatles were the most important phenomena of all because they set in motion the peace and love movement that was destined to change race relations and human relations, in general, for the better of all the planet. In fact, if it had not been for the Beatles, the next phenomena may not have happened. They made it possible for the world to be ready for a black person to become the most popular entertainer on the planet.



The Fourth Phenomena - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson mixed Pop and R&B music with dance in the new medium of music video and high technology in his stage performance. And of course, tremendous sex appeal like it has never been done before or since.




The NEXT Phenomena - Gravity 180

I believe Gravity 180 will become the next phenomena because during a time when music had lost its melody, lost its musicianship, lost its ability to sing in tune or write lyrics worth singing, here is a group that will appeal to the richest demographic in existence, "The Baby Boomers" who grew up on great lyrics, great stage presence, great vocals, great musicianship and memorable melodies in their music. This group of people also have, unlike their predecessors, managed their lives through sheer determination, science, technology and medicine and are currently in hot pursuit of being eternally young. The Baby Boomers own and control just about everything on the planet, but there is just one thing missing to complete the picture for them.... a current position in music that says, they are the past, the present and the future. Gravity 180, being, white, black, male and female with music that is representative of what has gone before but totally original is the embodiment of everything that they believe in, that they fought for and stand for. Therefore, I say, Gravity 180, with your assistance has all the pieces of the puzzle to become the worlds next phenomena and a continuation of a proud musical tradition of great lyrics, vocals, melodies, rhythms and performance.




In Jesus love,

Oliver C. Brown